SSH/Telnet Information

Telnet Access is only available using SSH.

Any user gaining Telnet/Shell access assures us that they are an experienced shell user. Shell accounts are available for the purpose of editing and setting up your web site. Shell accounts should not be used as a development platform for issues unrelated to your web site. Users must not leave their home directories at any time and must not attempt to gain the privileges of another user. In the event that such user causes any server crashes/damages, and/or interferes with any of the following files, their shell access privileges will be revoked and denied for any future use: .bash_history, .bash_logout, .bash_profile, .bashrc.

Please Note: Shell Access is not enabled by default. If your hosting plan includes Telnet/SSH, you need to submit an activation request

If you need telnet access to our servers, it can only be done using SSH.

The Telnet/SSH feature in your Control Panel

The Telnet/SSH feature in your Control Panel includes an SSH client. To use this feature simply click on it and wait for the applet window to appear. (It might take up to a minute to load on slower connections.) Alternatively, you can download any other SSH client from the web.


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