FormMail is a generic html form to e-mail gateway. It will parse the results of any form you create with HTML and send them to the specified user. is a Perl script and it has many formatting and operational options, most of which can be specified through the form, meaning you don't need any programming knowledge or multiple scripts for multiple forms.

FormMail is installed on your account at this location:

To use FormMail.cgi, follow these steps:

  • Create your form using HTML.
  • Edit your form so that it can execute the script. You do this by editing the "form action" statement in the form to point to the path where FormMail.cgi resides. You need to edit the "form action" statement to read: "form action="/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgil".
  • Make sure that the method is "post."
  • You now need to tell FormMail.cgi where to send e-mail. You do this by entering a "hidden field" on the form itself. Enter the following line on your form and make sure you enter the e-mail address where you would like to receive e-mail.


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