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Fortress ITX

Clyst Internet's servers are housed in the brand new Fortress ITX facility in Clifton, New Jersey.

This new facility boasts enormous growth potential, with 55,000 sq ft of pure datacenter floor space, and ease of access to backbone providers. Currently, the facility incorporates over 7,500 sq ft of completed raised floor data center space. The new datacenter has been carefully planned from inception to overcompensate for such factors as cooling, generators, UPS's, backup generators, fire suppression, and much, much more. Our new facility has been set in place with 4 (ten) 20 ton AC units and double pre-action fire suppression system.


We currently use MCI and as our backbone providers, and is adding Level3 and Global Crossing in the near future. We offer fast, reliable connectivity to the internet via an MCI OC48 Full Sonnet Ring with the additon of dual OC192's in the upcoming future.

We utilize independent port monitoring on all its servers, and we can also help you set up with a free Uptime Monitoring Service for added peace of mind.


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